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Welcome to Four Forks Shelter's website. We will do our best to save horses in need and place them in loving for ever homes. Remember, in trusting a horse to our care, it may already have a new home that was on our waiting list. All adoption through our shelter is closed. We do not give names of people that adopt and we do not give out where horses came from. We do not give updated pictures unless horse is still at the shelter. If new owner gives us pictures, we will be happy to share them. We do check up on all adoptions, however, we can not make the new owner give pictures.


We want to thank our supporters for the last 6 years. It has been a hard year in 2015. But we did survive. This year we are going to think positive and begin with new list of supporters.  

March 19, 2016

Last Saturday there 1000 horses at a auction in Texas most where bout buy killer buyers. I would like to attend this auction next Saturday, and buy some of these horses to keep them from going to kill pen and Mexico. Please make a donation so I can, any amount will help 5 10 what every you can help with. I will post pics  of the one I get any one who make a donation of at least 200 can adopt with out a adoption fee. If  I don’t get a least 1500 in donation I will not be able to go and all donation marked for auction horses will be returned to you. Please mark for auction on Saturday March 26. Please help me. Horses will go for 300.00 to 500.00. So for every 300.00 donation made we know we can save one horse.       

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