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We are located at 14682 Four Forks Road Keithville LA 71047
Our Phone Number is (318)393-4020
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We have had not had anysponsors for Misy we realy need help taking care of her or if you are need of a budy horse come adopt her

We have a new horse that needs to live at the shelter she has Cataracts in her eyes and is total blind in one eye. There is treatment for this if we could get sponsors for her. Her name is Missy she is a 27 year old Appaloosa very sweet. We will need sponsors for her. It cost 100.00 a month for the care of just one horse that has no health problems. This is just one of the horses at Four Forks Shelter. If you love horses but can not have a horse of your own then sponsor a horse. We have many levels of sponsorship, you can pledge a small amount (5.00, 10.00.…) once a month and get a email of how your horse is doing and a picture of him or her. You can also pledge more and come brush, walk, love and even ride the horse you have all ways wanted but have no place to keep one. Call and talk to Virginia at Four Forks Shelter. We also have horse that you can adopt and take home.




   We have room for horses. Sorry we do not have room any donkies at this time.  We are located south west of Shreveport on 169 South 15 miles from Shreveport and 17 miles south exit 3 on I-20, so if you are more 50 miles from us we may need help with fule if we pickup your horse. Thank you

I want to thank all the people that has helped us in 2013

We want to tank Lamar Holmes of Keithville  for 15 rolls of hay donated 10/04/2013

We want to thank the people that maid a donation in memory Odis Williams he was one of the last of the real cowboys he loved God, Children, and Horses

Hercules Ag & Outdoor, on  Hwy 80, Minden, La.  fixed our lights on the horse trailer and truck. We are really grateful for such good-hearted folks!!  If you need any work done like that, give them a call! They are really good folks and we want to give you a big thank you!

 7-7-2013 We want to thank Mr. Bryan B Norwood Jr. of Mansfield LA for the 11 rolls of hay  

3-18-2013 We want to thank Mr. Bryan B Norwood Jr. of Mansfield LA for the 42 rolls of hay



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