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We are located at 14682 Four Forks Road Keithville LA 71047
Our Phone Number is (318)393-4020
 send us a email

    We have room for horses. .  We are located south west of Shreveport on 169 South 15 miles from Shreveport and 17 miles south exit 3 on I-20, so if you are more 50 miles from us we may need help with fule if we pickup your horse. Thank you

We want to find good homes for the horse that we place, and we want them to be forever homes so please make sure you are ready for that commitment. We do understand that it will take getting the horse to know if this is the right horse, we will always take a horse back and get you another one. When I say are you ready for the commitment, I mean are you read for any horse. You need to know where you are going to keep the horse. You must have time for the horse. Getting a horse or horses is like adopting a child. Sorry but we can not adopt to week end horse owners. If that is all you have time for we ask that you become a friend of the horses. That would mean that  you can come out and visit the horses and ride if you wish. We all ways have a horse that needs love. We keep horses for people that want to ride. We are located near trails and we have a arena.


Check this storey out on KSLA news if you want help these horses you can make donation or go to Paul’s Farm and Garden on N. Market Shreveport LA


I want to thank all the people that has helped us in 2014

1/7/2015 We need help getting another vehicle both of the ones that we use need a lot of work the one we use most is not running broke down when we went to Mobile AL to pick some horse in need of care. It blow a spark plug out and can not put another plug back in




We want to tank Lamar Holmes of Keithville  for 15 rolls of hay donated 10/04/2013

We want to thank the people that maid a donation in memory Odis Williams he was one of the last of the real cowboys he loved God, Children, and Horses

Hercules Ag & Outdoor, on  Hwy 80, Minden, La.  fixed our lights on the horse trailer and truck. We are really grateful for such good-hearted folks!!  If you need any work done like that, give them a call! They are really good folks and we want to give you a big thank you!

 7-7-2013 We want to thank Mr. Bryan B Norwood Jr. of Mansfield LA for the 11 rolls of hay  

3-18-2013 We want to thank Mr. Bryan B Norwood Jr. of Mansfield LA for the 42 rolls of hay



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